Coach Expectations - Before the Match
  • Check the schedule to make sure there are no changes or revisions!

  • Click on your opponent's team name on the Schedule to view their contact information.

  • Contact your scheduled opponent the week of the match to verify the field assignment, game time, and opponent's uniform colors.

  • If there is a color conflict it is the responsibility of the HOME team to change colors.

  • Know the rules!
    Please view the Rules on the HSC website.

  • Be Prepared!
    -Have a Plan
    -Always have Medical Releases and a copy of the Team Roster.

  • Arrive EARLY

Coach Expectations - During Your Match
  • Be a role model!

  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship for your players and supporters and assure that they follow your good example!

  • Be POSITIVE or be silent!

  • Do not challenge the officials calls!

Coach Expectations - After Your Match
  • ALWAYS shake hands with your opponents and match officials after the game

  • U11 and above Coaches ONLY Please report the score the day of the match

  • Be good field stewards. Check for equipment left behind and leave the fields free from garbage and debris