Fall 2018 Overview
HSC 2018 Fall Season
Program Overview

The Fall Season is designed to provide an opportunity for recreational players to experience the fun and excitement of the great game of soccer and for established players to maintain their touch and fitness while enjoying friendly competition with their peers.

  • We support age groups U-06 to U-18/19
  • Participating players will be placed on teams beginning in July. Coaches will contact players once player assignments are complete.
  • Minis age groups (U6 & U7) will participate in Master Coach program and games are on Sundays.
  • All Association games (U8 - U12) will be played on Saturdays throughout the season.
  • U13 & U14 teams playing in SSUL will play on Saturdays.
  • U15 and older teams playing in the SSUL will play on Sundays.
  • The fall player fee is between $80 - $130 depending on age group (see FAQ below for details).
  • Games begin Sept. 8 and end Nov. 10 for most teams.
  • Families can request to play up one age group, if desired. Please register on age, then HSC will move players adminstratively.
  • Mandatory Coaches meeting will be held on July 23.
  • Register HERE (Registration Overview page). Registration closes July 15 (late registrations placed on wait list)
  • For more information, view Fall Season FAQs below.
2018 Fall Season FAQ

What Ages Can Participate?

  • U-06 (must be 5 by January 1, 2020) through U-19 (players under age 19 on December 31, 2018)

How Much Does It Cost To Play?

  • $80 for U-06 and U-7 players (games refereed by coaches or other volunteers)
  • $100 for U-8 through U12 players (small sided ghamesreferees provided for U-08 and older games)
  • $130 for U-13 hrough U-19 players (full sided games and play in South Sound United League - SSUL)

How Many Games?

  • U-06 & U-07 8 Game Season
  • U-08 to U-12 10 Game Season
  • U-13 to U-19 10-12 Game Season

When Will Games Be Played?

  • View Schedules (to be posted by Coaches Meeting)
  • Most games for Fall 2018 season will be played between September 10th and November 19th, with minor exceptions
    • U-06 & U-07 Sundays, Sept 9 - Oct 28 (8 game season)
    • U-08 to U-12 Saturdays, Sept 15 - Nov 17 (10 game season)
    • U-13 to U-19 Sat/Sun, Sept 9 - Dec 8 (10-12 games depending on Division)

How Many Players Are On Each Team?

  • U-06 & U-07 - games are 4v4 (no goalie) with a maximum roster size of 8 players
  • U-08 games are 5v5 (including a goalie) with a maximum roster size of 9 players
  • U-09 & U-10 games are 7v7 with a maximum roster size of 11 players
  • U-11 & U-12 games are 9v9 with a maximum roster size of 14 players
  • U-13 games are 11v11 with a maximum roster of 16 players
  • U-14 & U-15 games are 11v11 with a maximum roster of 18 players
  • U-16 through U-19 games are also 11v11 with a maximum roster of 22 players, but can only suit 18 for games

Where Will Games Be Played? (Tentative assignments - Fall 2018)

  • U-06 & U-07 @ Roxhill
  • U-08 @ Chelsea Park
  • U-09 @ Manhattan
  • U-10 @ Sunset (North)
  • U-11 @ Sunset (South)
  • U-12 @ Moshier (South)
  • U13 and up home game at Valley Ridge, Mount Rainier HS, and Highline Stadium
  • For directions to fields, click on Field Finder
  • Away games for U-08 to U-12 will be played in West Seattle area
  • Away games for U-13 and up are played in the South Puget Sound area (SSUL)

What Time Will Games Be Played?

  • U-06 & U-07 teams play Sunday afternoons
  • U-08 to U-12 teams play Saturday mornings and early afternoon
  • U-13 & U14 will play on Saturdays and U-15 and older teams will play Sundays. HSC is responsible for scheduling home games and opposing teams (clubs) schedule away games.
  • View schedules

Will Scores or Standings Be Kept?

  • Scores are not kept for our U-06 through U-11 age group games.
  • Starting at U-12, we begin reporting scores in preparation for team placement in South Sound United League (SSUL) at U-13.
  • U-13 through U-19 scores are reported and standing published through SSUL website.

How do I register my player?

  • Review the Registration Overview page follow the link at the bottom of the page to register. If you have participated in our program previously, you'll have an existing user account. If you are new to our club, you'll need to set up a new account. If you have difficulty with our registration system, please contact us at info.highlinesc@gmail.com.

I am interested in Coaching, how do I register?

  • Review the Registration Overview page and follow the link at the bottom of the page to register.
  • New to coaching? Now is the perfect time to jump in.